TFTgallery 0.13


TFTgallery is a PHP based web image gallery which doesn't need a database. It uses the directory structure for data storage.

Features of TFTgallery:
- no database (like MySQL) needed Info instead of using a database, TFTgallery uses the file system for data storage. The new cache improves the access speed significantly.
- on-the-fly thumbnail creation Info When new images are found in the displayed album folder, TFTgallery creates the thumbnails and scaled images automatically withoud user interaction.
- easy picture upload using your FTP access Info Why use intricated web forms to upload your images? When using TFTgallery you can also upload the images using web forms. But if you want to upload lots of images, you would probably prefer FTP. The TFTgallery recognizes all the images uploaded via FTP, too.
- descriptions for albums and pictures Info Every album and picture can be described either by uploading a HTML or text file or by using the web form.
- password-protected or hidden albums Info Maybe your pictures shouldn't be seen by the whole world? Nothing easier than that: The TFTgallery password protection secures your albums from being looked at by non-authorized people. Another possibility would be to hide the album. Then the album can not be found in the album navigation.
- image carts Info If you want to see your own image collection, you can use the TFTgallery carts.
- PDF and ZIP creation of carts or albums Info Do you want to download all album pictures in one file? TFTgallery can either create PDFs or ZIP packages.
- image calendars Info Create your own calender with your own photos using TFTgallery calendar.
- EXIF support Info TFTgallery shows you the "hidden" EXIF data of your photo camera. Since version 0.12 you can also see an added GPS position and the scaled images are rotated automatically.
- multi-language support Info Use one of the existing language or create your own language file using the TFTgallery translation tool.
- web page integration Info Your gallery should be integrated in you layout? No problem: for an example, look at "Demo Gallery".
- slide show and Lightbox integration Info If you want to scroll your images, use the new slide show or use the Lightbox 2 ability of TFTgallery.
- album themes Info

License type: GNU General Public License
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 12 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 3 months 19 days ago

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