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Template Lite

Template Lite is the faster, small compiling PHP template engine. It supports most of the Smarty functions and filters. It is a stripped down version of Smarty and thus is extremely fast, yet very similar to Smarty. Most of the same basic syntax as Smarty template engine used in this free PHP project so that it makes relatively easy to port template files from Smarty and for previous users of Smarty to quickly learn how to use it.

Advantages of Template Lite:
- Template Lite variable syntax, specifically variables in double quotes and concatentation, is designed to imitate PHP's, making variable usage intuitive for beginners who are used to programming in PHP.
- Template Lite introduces the new switch and for tags, which have identical functionality to PHP's switch and for functions, respectively.
- Template Lite compiles all template files for speed, making script start-up faster. All compiled files are saved for faster loading on the next load.
- Template Lite will also optionally save a cached version of templates, thus bypassing any compiling or execution, as it will load static pages precompiled and assembled, offering significant speed increases.
- Template Lite supports config files and variables and will compile config files for speed, too!

What's New in This Release Version 2.10 Template Lite:
- Moved the template core functions _build_dir, _destroy_dir and _rmdir from within the template class to the internal directory. The program code will only be loaded if a template requires them.
- Added register_resource and unregister_resource support. Different resources are supported by everything except for cached template output.
- Added _get_resource internal function for processing file: and absolute tag resources.
- Added resize_image plugin.
- Fixed support for absolute paths to template files. Absolute pathing wasn't functioning properly and only halfway worked in the {include} tag. Absolute pathing should work with the {include} tag, fetch method and display method. The optional use of the file: designator was added.
- Fixed Undefined variable: notices in function.mailto.php.
- Fixed return by reference error in class.template.php when using the get_template_vars and get_config_vars methods.
- Fixed append method at line 199 in class.template.php. If the merge flag was set arrays would not be merged properly because of the wrong variable element name.
- Changed compiled page HTML comment to a PHP comment to prevent UTF-8 failures from occuring.
- Re-added showheaderinfo prefilter plugin.

License type: GNU Library or Lesser General Public License
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 12 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 4 months ago

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