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Template Blocks

Template Blocks is a visual PHP template engine to replace any semantics of previous generation engines with an AJAX interface, It is created with the logic of the web designer in mind and is aiming to help you create web templates easier and faster.

Features of Template Blocks PHP Template Engine:
- Visual Interface: On a basic level of use, Template blocks does not require any files edited manually. Simply upload and run the setup on your browser. Everything is handled through online forms viewed on a web browser and updated with AJAX requests.
- Online/Offline use: Although the engine can be used to present the template of an online website it can also be used offline as a middleware tool just to help you create your templates easier for use anywhere else...
- No Semantics: Unlike all template engines that feel compelled to create a second level of logic above the official markup language, here you won't have to learn proprietary commands to do your work. You will actually use your XHTML and CSS skills and the logic your webpage is structured to create your template.
- Fluid structure: You create the logic and apply that logic on your templates. You can have any number of templates and apply them to your webpages accordingly.
- Smart editing: Edit a block and you will see the changes across all templates and pages that use it. In addition any block can have its purpose re-visited and altered after its initial creation. So an HTML block can become a PHP block etc, without the template loosing the link with the block.
- Search engine friendly URLs: Name your pages as you like. You can give any section with static content any extension of these popular extensions you like: .html, .htm or .php. They will all load up the same content!

- PHP 5 or Higher

License type: GPL
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