Telaen 1.3.0


Telaen is a PHP webmail interface requires no database. It is compatible with POP3 or IMAP, so it can run under any Server supporting PHP with Sendmail or QMAIL. What's particularly nice about Telaen is that it is fast, lean and simple, but also extremely powerful. Additional skins and languages can be easily integrated into this PHP email system.

Features of Telaen:
- Telaen provides support for auto-SPAM detection and the automatic movement of detected SPAM messages from the user's Inbox to the user's SPAM folder.
- MTP Compatible
- POP3 Compatible
- IMAP Compatible
- MIME Compatible
- Receive Attachments
- Send Attachments
- Folders/E-mail management support (Trash/Inbox/Sent/[Personal])
- Address book
- Language support
- Themes support
- Search in messages
- Personalized order messages
- Personal preferences
- Send HTML e-mails
- Quota Limit
- Auto population of SPAM folder for tagged SPAM messages

What's New in This Release Version 1.3.0 Telaen:
- includes an embedded appointment/event Calendar using the iCal format under the hood.
- Ability to display a System-wide "news" banner via inc/news/news.system.php
- Major speed improvements when handling the POP3 Inbox. Even though it's not recommended to store all your Email in the POP3 Inbox, lots of people do which slowed down Telaen.
- No longer extracts vars willy-nilly from $_GET, $_POST, or $_FILES.
- Moved all class.*.php files to ./inc/class/. and all config.* files to ./inc/config/. This means that upgrading may involve moving and/or deleting older stale versions of files.

- Client JavaScript to make templates more easy
- PHP             
- Smarty       
- PHPMailer

License type: GPL
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