TDTrac 3.0.0


TDTrac is a project management web app built with PHP, MySQL and lots of JS and can be used as a project tracker, budget manager, to-do list, mailer and much more.

Features of TDTrac:
- Track individual show or project budgets
- Reimbursable items
- Per-User reimbursable items
- Pending payment items
- Items that include a receipt image, e-mailable to tdtrac (stored in tdtrac's database)
- Track individual show or project payroll
- An unlimited number of active or inactive employees.
- A secure interface to allow employees to track their own hours.
- Keep track of which payroll items have been paid, and which are outstanding
- Remind your employees quickly via e-mail that payroll is due
- Track hourly or daily employees, with individual payrates for inclusion in budget reports.
- Track individual show, project or employee todo lists
- Securely allow employees to mark tasks completed
- Fine grained access control groups, expandable to as many group options as you need.
- Full featured jQuery and Ajax powered interface for quick and intuitive use.
- Fully mobile-ready interface for phone, ipod, tablet or netbook use.
- Use natural language to refer to dates throughout (Yesterday, Today, Last Monday)

- PHP 5 or Higher
- MySQL 4 or Higher

License type: Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported
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