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Target CMS

Target CMS (TCMS) is an all-PHP Content Management System, using MySQL to hold all textual site content and providing an easy-to-use admin interface for site owners to manage their pages and add new ones. This PHP CMS implements a complete website using just PHP classes with supporting CSS and Javascript files. It is also a content management system for editors. It's very well suited for sites that have many different types of page each requiring different themes and templates.

In TCMS all files are 100% object-oriented PHP. No messy HTML tags and no cumbersome meta-file syntax to learn. You use your programming skills to describe the block structure of each page with a set of simple PHP class objects, each one encapsulating all the characteristics of an HTML tag such as DIV, P, H2 or IMG. These PHP scripts are more readable than HTML, often more concise and much less prone to errors.

Features of Target CMS:
- The majority of our costs are up front. We charge you for implementing a new design, not for adding content to it.
- Once the site is up and running (and paid for) it becomes entirely your property. We hand over the keys, so to speak. You can do your maintenance yourself, you can hire someone to do it for you or you can ask us to do the job. In these pages are full instructions on how to use the editing suite that's part of the system.
- As we wrote our own Content Management System (TCMS) we're pretty experienced at using it. You don't have to pay for someone else's learning curve.
- Multi-language support comes built in to TCMS. Every piece of text in your system has a language tag and you can add as many languages as you need.
- We make every effort to be available, preferably by email, to help you over the initial learning curve.

License type: Freeware
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