Studs MVC Framework+ 2.8

Studs MVC Framework+, an implementation of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern based on the Jakarta Struts Framework. Includes a core library (Horizon), a servlet container (Stratus), and a Server Pages Engine (Phase). Resembles the J2EE web container environment.

Studs began simply as a port of Apache's Jakarta Struts MVC Framework to PHP, though it has turned out to be decidedly more. I started this project to study the internals of J2EE web applications and then to bring these design concepts into the PHP environment. Now it is time the see if the code lives up to this challenge.

The primary goal of this project, apart from being a road tested implementation of the MVC pattern for PHP, is to provide a learning platform for developers looking to give J2EE a try, while at the same time providing a comfortable PHP environment for those people familiar with Java Servlet technology. One way Studs manages this neutral ground is by relying on many of the standard deployment descriptors used in Java Servlets and Struts, including such files as web.xml, struts-config.xml and taglib.tld. By achieving this level of compatibility, existing tools can be leveraged to help develop applications in this environment.

License type: Apache Software License
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