SpamTrawler 2.2


SpamTrawler is a Web-Application Firewall which enables you to protect your Website from unwanted visitors and various attacks. With version 2.2 we have now integrated more detailed information on any IP blocked or unblocked, allowing you to query these IP addresses against a variety of online services and/or find “Abuse Contacts”, giving you a point of contact for your “Abuse Reports”. Furthermore we have integrated a new caching engine, which boosts “SpamTrawler’s” performance compared to previous versions.

Functions of SpamTrawler:
- Multilingual Admin Panel (English & German pre-integrated)
- Server Overload Protection:
You can define 2 actions if the “Server-Load Threshold has been reached”.
Actions: Exit & Redirect
- Check user-Agent
SpamTrawler can log “User-Agents” of blocked visitors, allowing you to add them to a “User-Agent Blacklist”, to block visitors using this “User-Agent” on future visits
- Check Referrer
The same as the “User-Agent” function just using the Referrer
- Check DNS Blacklists
This function enables you to query your visitors against a list of DNS Blacklists you can define
- Check URL Blacklists
SpamTrawler can analyse request bodies to detect URLs posted by a visitor.
These URLs can then be queried against a list of URL Blacklists defined by you
- Check RFI
Many attacks on your server are carried out via forged parameters.
SpamTrawler can screen URL parameters against a list of unwanted string defined by you.
This has shown to be effective against RFI, SQL Injection and Directory Traversal attacks
- Check Local Country Blacklist
SpamTrawler enables you to block whole countries by adding their ISO codes to a country blacklist.
IP Geo Location takes place either via a local IP2Country Database (You can use Maxminds Geo-Country Free database), or via our API (Which uses a commercial IP Geolocation database with very high accuracy)
- Check Local IP Blacklist
In SpamTrawler you can define or/and import your own local IP Blacklist, as well as a list of Blocked IP Ranges (CIDR and Range Formats allowed)
- Check Local IP Whitelist
Opposed to the IP Blacklist, you can define and/or import a list of IP addresses you don’t want to be checked against any IP lists or DNSBLs
- Block Chinese Characters
Allows you to block Chinese Characters
- Block Japanese Characters
Allows you to block Japanese Characters
- Block Cyrillic Characters
Allows you to block Cyrillic Characters
- Check AntiWebSpam
This queries our DNSBL for: Blocked IPs and Spam Email Addresses (In request bodies)
- Check Project Honeypot
Checks IPs against the Project Honeypot DNSBL
- Flood Control
You can define a value of x seconds, in which subsequent submissions of POST forms are blocked. (This function is best used if your Web-Application does not come with it’s own Flood Control)
- Modules
SpamTrawler is “modular”, which means you can add new modules to the firewall.
To add new modules, you can use the integrated “AddOn Editor”, which allows you to quickly develop and deploy a new module and manage existing ones
- Satellite
Since version v2.2, your SpamTrawler can be used as a Server and Client, in order to protect multiple domains even if spread over several servers.
- Captcha
If you decide to use the “Exit” action for blocked visitors, you can add a placeholder, which will display a ReCaptcha in order to allow human visitors to unblock themselves.
- Maintenance Mode
The Maintenance Mode allows you to switch all protected sites into “Maintenance”, either redirecting visitors, or showing a unified Exit Message
- Brute Force protected Admin Panel
- Signatures
Enables you to create and compare signatures of your file system to quickly spot unwanted changes
- Check Files Modified Within the last 24 hours
Displays a list of all files modified/created within the last 24 hours
- Find Files
Enables you to quickly find any file on your virtual host
(Allows Perl Compatible Regular Expressions in queries)
- Check Permissions
Displays a list with all files writeable on your virtual host
- Virus Scanner
If your host allows you to use “ClamAV” via PHP, then you can use the integrated Virus Scanner to scan your virtual host for viruses and/or malware
- Maps
SpamTrawler comes with maps for Blocked and Unblocked Visitors, giving you detailed information on your traffic origin
- Bot Whitelist
Detects major Search Engines and can be configured to detect whichever Search-Engine you would like not to be scanned against the firewall

Actions available in SpamTrawler v2.2:
- Exit: Displays an exit message for blocked visitors
- Redirect: Redirects blocked visitors to a URL of your choice
- Return XML: Returns XML details of an IP being blocked or not
- Return JSON: Same as XML, but returns JSON
- Set Constant: SpamTrawler does not take any action itself except setting an Environment Variable, which developers can react on in the respective application.

- PHP 5.2 or Higher
- PDO (MySQL or SQLite3)
- IonCube Loaders

Software Price:
Basic Edition: $14.99
Advanced Edition: $49.99

License type: Commercial
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