Sound PHP Engine 0.3.0

Sound PHP Engine (s-p-e) is a script written in PHP and uses MySQL. With s-p-e you can publish news, articles and bulletins; comment them, have access to their printer-friendly version. A kind of a search engine is also implemented inside s-p-e.

Features of Sound PHP Engine:
- it is free (as in freedom) software;
- it uses only sessions and NO client-side cookies (the feature works when the php.ini file on the web-server contains "session.use_cookies = 0" string and "session.use_trans_sid = 1" string).
- all the information of the sessions is stored in the database;
- s-p-e does not use any kind of client-side scripts (no JavaScript, for example).
- passwords of the users are stored in the database in the encrypted state
- multilanguage support of the program is based on the GNU gettext.
- s-p-e's interface is nicely viewed with text-browsers: w3m (perfect view!), links, etc.

License type: GPL
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