SEO Filter 1.2.3

SEO Filter is a Search Engine Optimization Software for forums and Content Management Systems,which is also a free PHP search engine system.

Rewrites dynamic links on the fly. Keyword rich links (title in the URL). Session ID is removed from links. No duplicate content (301 redirect). With the project SEO Filter, it is never a hard mission for SEOers to promote their websites.

Features of SEO Filter:
-Converts dynamic links into search engine friendly ones.
-Generates keyword rich links.
-Removes session id from links.
-Transfers numeric ids (stealth method) as chars (id-0 => id-a)
-Permanent redirect for pages (301) to avoid duplicate content penalty.
-Clears stop/common words from links
-Fixes titles to contain only current page’s title
-Option to add keywords and description meta tags
-Can have title and description multiple times (see misc)
-Created link for categories (index.php?c=1 -> somecat…html)
-Optimizes paging links (e.g.. Page 1, 2 ,3)
-Optimizes previous/next post
-Optimizes “last post” to point to the real link (phpbb2 module)
Removes parameters from the link that can have default value like    (postdays=0 or postorder=asc)
-Aliases of forum files (viewforum => forum, viewtopic => topic)
-Protects your forms from spam by using Javascript (anti_spam global plugin)
-You can block certain single IP address or a network (block_ip global plugin)
-URL canonicalization (canonical_links global plugin)
-Protect your visitors' email addresses (email_protector global plugin) replaces emails as me at domain dot com
-Automatically adds rel="nofollow" for external (and not whitelisted) links (outgoing_links global plugin)

License type: GNU General Public License
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 12 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 3 months 26 days ago

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