SAPID is a tool for site creation and management. SAPID is distinguished through the comfortable Ajax-based site structure management interface and high flexibility of design, content and functionality integration. SAPID does not need DB (file-flat CMS). SAPID is inline CMS. It means that site documents are editable in a way “what you see is what you get” a document in delivery phase looks the same as in administrative phase.

Features of SAPID:
- Simple in installation and use
- Minimal hosting server requirements, platform independence
- Direct editing of document contents ability
- Program core, compatible with XML Sapiens technology
- WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Supported browsers: MS IE 6.0, FireFox, Mozilla
- Different data presentation formats (HTML, XHTML, XML-Flash, SVG, WML)
- Multilingual sites support
- Addresses of site documents reflect hierarchy (friendly URL's)
- Web-services constructor
- UML-schemas for XML Sapiens scenarios (DDC) generator
- Debugging and monitoring services for DDC
- Samples of services: infochannel, banner rotation (GIF/JPG/SQF/HTML), guestbook, RSS-channel, RSS-aggregator, feedback etc
- Special version: SAPID SHOP, SAPID BLOG
- Samples of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation. SOAP Client.
- Content migration utility (projects import)
- Ability to export your site to static HTML/XML/CHM (projects export)
- UNIX-like user management
- Three administrative modes: basic mode, expert mode and content manager mode
- Embedded instant messenger for SAPID community users
- You can take part in project development and evolution

License type: GPL
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