SaltOS 3.1-6600


SaltOS is the ultimate business management solution, integrate PHP CRM functionality(managing customer relationships) and PHP ERP(enterprise resource planning).

Advantages of SaltOS:
- Efficiency: SaltOS allows you to work in a dynamic and fast way. Moreover you will be able to consult, seek, and filter the information in an easy way.
- Centralised: SaltOS integrates commercial management, accounting and project management in only one application. It also includes every day work tools as e-mail, agenda and document manager.
- Accessibility: the only thing you need to work with SaltOS is a computer with internet and / or intranet access. SaltOS is a web application that can be accessed via any modern navigator (Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 or higher)
- Easy to use: if you are reading this, you can start working with SaltOS right now. You will see it is as easy as navigating the Internet.
- Scalability: SaltOS doesn’t need powerful servers nor special hardware. The necessary machinery can be installed at your personal lap top or even at a high performing server. It is easy to migrate SaltOS from one system to another, according your company needs.
- Personalised: SaltOS can be personalised according your wishes, from the interface colours till adapting to your business needs and even being integrated with already existing solutions (back office).
- Extendible: SaltOS is not a closed nor static solution, it can be extended, modified and improved at any moment.
- Cost: you don’t have to pay royalties nor licences for using SaltOS. This cost saving enables you to invert money in improvements that will make SaltOS your personal solution.
- Safe: your data will be transferred encrypted which protects it from being seen by others. Once the data is stored, it will be protected by your Company’s Operating System and Infrastructure.
- The liberty to choose your own provider: SaltOS is licensed by GPL-3, which allows you to choose the provider of your own choice.

- Apache 2.2 or higher
- PHP 5.2 or higher
- Support for MySQL and SQLite via PDO(php-pdo)
- GD2 support on PHP
- Support for XSLT processing
- Multy-byte support

What's New in This Version:
- It has been upgraded to JQuery-UI 1.8.17 release
- Fixed a bug in the installation wizard (calling an incorrect JQuery file)
- Fixed some errors that affect the permission system, it prevent the correct access to the search engine and to the user folders.

License type: GPL
Date added: 5 years, 4 months 28 days ago | Last updated: 2 years, 10 months 12 days ago

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