RSSProxy 1.0


RSSProxy is a web based RSS Reader with export. It exports only the unread messages. So you can read online and your RSS Reader at home only gets unread messages.

Features of RSSProxy:
- RSS- and Atom-Feeds are supported
- Export in Atom-Format
- Supports many RSS-Feeds at once - One Feed per Tab
- Different refresh- and expire-Timers per Feed
- Checks every feed for new messages and marks the Tab when there is a new messages
- Changes the Browser-Title if there are new messages
- Ability to edit the message automatically before it is displayed
- Secured by User and Password
- Secure export with special security-tag - your RSS-Reader doesn't need User/Password
- Supports Conditional GET (to fetch the original Feed AND at the export)
- Dynamic Themeswitcher
- Multilanguage-Support (by now: English (I did my best :D ), German)

You can add an ?user=<username> to the login-url to prefill the username field. It's a benefit, if add your RSSProxy to your favorites.

License type: GPL
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 9 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 3 months 21 days ago

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