RSS Framework for PHP 1.0

RSS Framework for PHP helps you create a RSS 2.0 feeds via a simple and easy to use class library. The classes in the library represent those elements of an RSS feed, that either contain child nodes or have attributes to them. Furthermode, each class features class attributes, that represent text nodes of an RSS feed node.

To create an RSS feed you create objects from the class library and build an object representation of the feed you would like to create. When done, all the objects get dumped into an XML file that is then transformed via XSLT into an RSS feed. This means, you can transform the XML file into whatever other XML file you want with your own transformation files as well.

- PHP 4.3.0 or Higher
- GNOME XML library
- libxml-2.4.14
- libxslt-1.0.18 if you would like to use the DOM XSLT features.

License type: GPL
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