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RedBeanPHP is an open source ORM (object relational mapping) tool for PHP. It focuses on simplicity and ease of use. What makes RedBean unique is that it creates your database schema on-the-fly. It scans your data and adjusts the column types to fit your object properties. RedBeanPHP is a free and poweful PHP database project. If your models are stabilized you can freeze the database. This way RedBean is easy to develop with but is also extremely fast on production servers. With RedBean, ORM becomes fun! Learn RedBean in just a couple of minutes. RedBeanPHP is the easiest ORM (object relational mapping) tool you have ever seen:
- Zero configuration
- Creates tables and columns on the fly
- No need to write classes (option to connect beans to models later on)
- Powerful debugging tools
- Compatible with major database brands

Because RedBeanPHP creates all tables and columns on the fly there is no need to switch to phpMyAdmin or any other DB tool during the development process. All tables, columns and data types are automatically created and modified to fit your needs. You don't need any configuration or setup and you don't need to write any models if you don't want to.

Features of RedBeanPHP:
- Improved performance (30% faster)
- Query Builder (BeanMachine plugin)
- R::wipe( $type )
- R::count( $type )
- Flexible parameter binding (string or integer)
- Array interface: $bean["property"] = $value;
- Explicit casting for beans (save as string)
- Fixes and other improvements

- PHP5.2 or Higher

What's New in This Version:
- Fixed ID-0 issue in BeanCan Server.See issue on Github.
- Added eager loading for parent beans.R::preload(...)
- OCI/Oracle fixes
- Tests for bean inject()
- Improvements documentation and clean up
- Backward compatibility switch for keyed exports: RedBean_OODBBean::setFlagKeyedExport()
- $bean->with() now also reloads the list, can now be used multiple times
- Beans now accept DateTime objects (convert to string)
- Keyless export
- Filtered export
- Order and filter own-lists
- Aliased lists
- Benchmarking
- Support for Oracle Database (plugin Writer) (thanks Stephane)
- Replica: Extend R-facade with plugins
- Replica: 'flavours'
- Composer Support
- R::syncSchema() easy way to sync databases
- New Cache plugin
- Tag caching
- Polymorphism: associate($bean,$mixedTypes)
- Display errors in fluid-debug mode

License type: BSD
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 6 days ago | Last updated: 2 years, 11 months ago

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