razorCMS 2.1


razorCMS is a free, open source, content management system written in PHP used to help manage the task of setting up and running a website without the need for extensive knowledge of website design. It does not require a database engine, the content being stored in flat files on the Web server at a specified location.

Features of razorCMS:
- Flat File design, no database required
- Simple, fast and security conscious installer
- Small and fast footprint
- Modular framework
- Support for multilingual translations
- Multiple infobar content displayed on single page
- External links in link menus
- Easily modified
- Easily extendable via blade pack add on interface
- Multi level menus
- Security check for file permissions
- Full file manager
- 3 user accounts with varying levels of access (good for handing over to clients)
- Simple backup manager
- Automatic invalid login check, blocks invalid logins by IP address after 8 attempts
- Improved security
- Multiple theme control

- PHP 5 or Higher

What's New in This Version:
- Removal of the watchdog tool and replacement with XSS exploit check on admin
- Introduction of new library classes
- New fully integrated error handling, with system modes for displaying errors, logging errors, error to console (chromephp) and debugging to console (chromephp) for enhanced development debugging
- New theme
- Latest version of jquery, bootstrap and chromephp
- New file/folder layout (to bring in new system files)
- Preparation for razorDB (the flat file database with caching)

License type: GPL
Date added: 4 years, 2 days ago | Last updated: 3 years, 2 months 9 days ago

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