PyroCMS 2.2.1


PyroCMS is a CMS built using the CodeIgniter PHP framework. Using an MVC architecture, it was built with modularity in mind: lightweight, themeable and dynamic.PyroCMS is not only good for non-technical users due to its easy-to-use backend interface, but to developers as well, due to its flexible CodeIgniter core. A graphic installer is included for easy deployment.Already coming with PyroCMS is CodeIgniter, Dwoo and jQuery.

Features of PyroCMS:
- Security
- Speed
- Simple admin interface
- Graphic web installer
- Themes
- Multi-lingual
- SEO integration
- WYSIWYG editing
- Multi-site support
- Add-ons for exteding the core

- Apache 2.x, Abyss Web Server, Uniform Server, Zend Community Server or any other web server
- MySQL 5 or higher
- PHP 5.2 or higher
- GD2 library
- libcurl 7.10.5 or higher

What's New in This Version:
- Page layouts have been replaced by page types, which can have custom fields added to them.
- Custom Fields can be added to the Blog module using field types.
- Control panel search has been added for quick access to areas of the control panel.
- Comments are now integreated with Akismet.
- Added a "comment blacklist" to stop spammers from using the same email.
- Blog comments can be configured to expire after X amount of time.
- Modular Search allows you to search content from the frontend via a new "/search" page.
- New Admin Menu System lets module developers control the main menu.
- Improved the reset password system to use email OR username, not require both.
- Profiles can be accessed at /user/{username} instead of /user/{id}.
- Added {{ blog:categories }} and {{ blog:tags }} to generate a list of available categories and a list of tags.
- Added the ability to save page type layouts, css, and javascript as flat files.
- Upgraded to latest CodeIgniter 3.0.

License type: Apache License
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 12 days ago | Last updated: 2 years, 11 months 3 days ago

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