Prolawyer 2.7

The purpose of Prolawyer is helping lawyers (or other self employed persons) to manage their clients, timesheet, cash flow. It provides a time-sheet system, offers the ability to make facturation and register payments. It has also a calendar.

With Prolawyer, you can study:
- Management interface for HTML: HTML interface Management by
- Management of multiple users with different access levels: Management of multiple users with different access Levels
- Ability to provide differentiated access for each user for each database: Ability to Provide Differentiated access foreach foreach user database
- Managing multiple databases: Managing multiple databases
- Management of all configuration files: Management of all configuration files
- Settings differentiated for all partners: Settings for All Shareholders Differentiated
- Recovery of incorrect installations: Recovery of improper installation
- Module Configuration Backup: Backup module configuration
- Module Data Backup: Data Backup Module

License type: GNU General Public License
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