ProcessWire 2.3.0


ProcessWire is a free and Open Source PHP5 Content management system (CMS) and web application framework aimed at the needs fo designers, developers and their clients, ProcessWire gives you more control over you fields, templates and markup than other platforms, and provides a powerful template system that works the way you do. Not to mention, ProcessWire's API makes working with your content easy and enjoyable. Managing and developing a site in ProcessWire is shockingly simple compared to what you may be used to.

Features of Process Wire:
- Simple, powerful, consistent, predictable, capable
- Easy-to-use, jQuery-style API
- Ideal for designers/developers and their clients
- Easy and enjoyable to use
- Accommodates unique data needs easily
- Modular plugin architecture
- Structure that makes sense
- Pages that can do more
- Templates without limitations
- Relational

- A web server running Apache.
- PHP 5.2.4 or Higher
- MySQL 5.0.15 or Higher.
- Apache must have mod_rewrite enabled.
- Apache must support .htaccess files.

What's New in This Version:
- Optimized selector engine making ProcessWire faster and more accurate than ever before.
- New session handling features enabling you to use your database for session storage.
- Password system updates now supporting enhanced security with PHP 5.3+.
- Installer upgrades, including the ability to specify your admin URL at install time.
- Multi-language page names to round out our multi-language fields (dev branch).
- Great new core modules and classes.
- Image support updates including custom API-level cropping support.
- Tagging of fields and templates for admin grouping.
- Default admin theme upgrades including improved mobile support (responsive).
- Numerous input field upgrades and additions for greater customizability and validation.
- Comments fieldtype additions like a new website field, Gravatar support and more.
- File and image fieldtype upgrades including support for tags and queryable created/modified timestamps.
- Support for secured page files: now file-based assets can have access control too.
- Great new core API functions and methods.
- Implementation of all jQuery traversal functions in our API.

License type: GPL
Date added: 5 years, 1 month 18 days ago | Last updated: 2 years, 11 months 15 days ago

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