Pixie CMS 1.04

Pixie CMS

Pixie is a free and open source web application that will help you quickly created your own website. Many people refer to this type of software as a "content management system (CMS)", It is called a small, simple , website maker.

Features of Pixie:
- The installer
Most website management tools will install the same package for everyone. Pixie takes a new approach and allows you to select the type of site you are after. A blog?, A site for your band? Maybe one to run your Business? We think it's your site - so you choose what best suits you. As Pixie matures so will the list of possibilities...
- Web standards
Pixie uses the latest web standards so whatever site you build, it's accessible to all your visitors and is search engine friendly. Pixie is especially fond of Microformats. It's not just your visitors who benefit though. We're working hard to make the site administration area easy and accessible too.
- Design
Pixie itself has been designed to be simple. Pixie’s interface has been refined over a number of versions to be user friendly. On the visitor side... you will love the fact that all you need to know is CSS to customise your site. If that sounds too complicated you can choose from the ever increasing amount of free themes.
- Clean URLs
- CSS Themes
- Database Backups
- File Manager With Tag Support
- Multilingual
- No Limits
- Portable
- Quick to developer for
- RSS 2.0
- XHTML Compatible Text Editor
- Much more...

License type: GPLv3
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