PieCrust 1.1.0-dev

PieCrust is a vey ligheweight CMS that's all managed with text files. PieCrust can easily be intergrated with JS libraries and JS API handlers to embed dynamic features like Twitter, Flickr, Disqus widgets and more.

Features of PieCrust:
- Super-simple authoring, it’s all just text files
- The whole website can be easily stored in a revision control system
- Can generate a completely static website that will run with minimum resources for maximum scalability, or run as a lightweight dynamic CMS.
- Rapid-iteration authoring
- On-demand cooking
- PieCrust comes with a nice selection of text formatters (Markdown, Textile, SmartyPants) and template engines (Twig, Haml, Mustache, Dwoo) out-of-the-box
- No complex setup
- No databases
- No administrative panels
- Super-fast

- PHP 5.3 or Higher

License type: Open Source
Date added: 4 years, 11 months 9 days ago | Last updated: 2 years, 9 months 17 days ago

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