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Picok is written in PHP 5, uses the Yahoo User Interface Library and Zend Framework  Components and supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Lotus Notes and is ready to be integrated into your corporate intranet, website or community platform as well.

Picok stands for Personal Information Cockpit. It's an open source software package, aimed at enableing users to build their personal information dashboards. The users content is loaded into small draggable boxes, so called portlets, and layed out in a tabbed column-based interface. There are a quite few standard portlets shipped with Picok, but since it is an open system, maintainers of picok installations can easily create portlets of their own.

Key Features of Picok:
- Multi user application: Ideal for personal information mashups, highly suitable for intranets.
- Multi Language: Picok comes with an Interface translated to English, German, French and Italian, and it is possible to add other additional languages.
- Extendible: Picok's clear structure and documentation make it easy to extend the application with custom portlets and contents.
- Administration Panel: Maintenance tasks can be carried out via a web inerface: add, remove and edit users; reset user profiles; add portlets and tabs to user profiles; configure the available RSS feeds; add, remove and edit portlets; disable portlets.
- Open Source: This means no licence fees and the freedom to use and change Picok's code as you see fit.

License type: Freeware
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