PHProjekt 6.0.6


PHProjekt is an Open Source PHP project management supporting communication and management of teams and companies. It includes a group calendar, project management, a request tracker and localization.

Features of PHProjekt:
- Handle large amounts of data with a filter system in the list view
- Role system limits access to modules per user
- Access selection per project, module and item
- History feature records changes in all records and modules

What's New in This Release Version 6.0.5 PHProjekt:
- Fix bug where not possible to upload files correctly.
- Fix module designer for works ok in Chorme 7.
- Allow the upload field into sub-modules.
- Improve download link of the upload field, for not open a new tab in some browsers.
- Reduce the possibility of collision in the names of uploaded files (md5 string).
- New Upload Helper:
. Improve the upload/download functions.
. Move the action functions into the Indexcontroller.
. Remove the FileController.
- Improve the permissions for folders and files in the setup.
- Add a hint about the requirements of cookies in the setup.
- Add a check for "Reject start dates that are after end dates" in Todo and Project module.
- Define getType as required function for Phprojekt_ModelInformation_Interface.
- Update getModelObject function for use the new functions getModelName and getModuleName.
- Improve Minutes and MinutesItem code:
. Use new functions getModelName and getModuleName from the IndexController.
. Remove init() and use setParent().

License type: LGPL
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 9 days ago | Last updated: 4 years, 3 months 29 days ago

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