PhpPeanuts 2.1.0


PhpPeanuts is an Open Source MVC framework for developing database-backed application in PHP, with support for many modern features found in common web applications.

It supports high and sustainable developer productivity by default reasoning and the 'once and only once' principle. With phpPeanuts the developer does not build an application from the bottom up. Instead he gets one scaffolded from meta data, then extend and refine it step by step to make it more and more like you want it to be.

PhpPeanuts does in general not generate code. Instead it generates the application behavior dynamically on each request. When you adapt your design the scaffolded parts of your application will adapt dynamically with each request.

So you can start with the simpelest thing that could possibly work for your application, and refactor later if the need arises, without losing much productivity. The eXtreme Programming way.

Features of PhpPeanuts:
- Easy to install.
- Automatic dynamic scaffolding of a complete user interface, including automatic form generation and validation, hyperlinks for viewing for editing related objects, selecting related objects using dropdowns and dialogs, Query By Example and sorting query results.
- User interface follows MVC pattern for separation of layout and code and logical separation between domain model and user interface.
- AJAX support.
- Meta data based dynamic Object Relational Mapping (ORM) with object caching, polymorphism and navigation over relationships without coding, Database transactions (info), column specification and cascaded delete and protection against delete if dependents exist.
- Encapsulation without writing property getter and setter methods.
- Ready-for-use user interface pages, components, widgets and dialogs.
- Applications each have their own entry point to enable web server native authorization on a per-application basis.
- Context scouting for returning the user to the page where he started with a task.
- Many details of user interface can be overridden and customized.
- Extendable code management scheme for overriding framework behavior without changing framework code.
- Database abstraction with direct support for MySQL and SqlLite 2 databases, other databases are supported through PDO interface (requires PHP5).
- Support of User authorization on application and type level (info).
- Website with tutorial, documentation explaining concepts and design, practical howto's and hypercode browsers for browsing and searching the framework code to see how it works and how it can be overriden and exteded in undocumented ways.
- The framework's design has a history of over 10 years.
- A Commercial Edition with more features and extensions is available on request to paying curstomers of MetaClass.

- PHP 5.0 or Higher
- Database that supports full SQL JOIN and LIMIT syntax (with php4 only MySQL and SqlLite are supported, but you can write a Dao class for the database of your choice);
- modern web browser (IE 8 or up, Firefox 3.0 or up, try out the examples to see if your browser is OK for phpPeanuts).

What's New in This Version:
- This version does not include pntUnit. For security reasons the framework is no longer shipped together with development tools like pnt/unit.

- limited localization and internationalization support (can be overridden);
- database driver must support quoting of parameters (this may be a problem with ODBC);
- TreeWidget does not allways work properly with Safari (commercial version only)

License type: AGPL
Date added: 4 years, 8 months 10 days ago | Last updated: 3 years, 2 months 19 days ago

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