PHPPdf 1.0.0(stable)

PHPPdf is library written in PHP 5.3 that provides PDF generation from strict XML file similar to HTML. PHPPdf is flexible, configurable, still developing. Integration with Symfony 2 framework is very easy owing to dedicated bundle PfdBundle.

Features of PHPPdf:
- support for basic html tags and styles (syntax of styleshet is diffrent than in HTMLa, some styles' names are diffrent - see documentation for details
- support for XML (syntax similar to HTML) and Markdown
- support for stylesheets in XML format
- basic features of HTML (some features have different behaviour): float, text align, borders, backgrounds, margins, paddings etc.
- internal (to elements within document) and external (url) hyperlinks
- support for ttf and embeded fonts
- automatic and enforced page breaking, no breakable elements, repetitive headers and footers, page numbering
- support for columns, automatic and enforced column breaking, no breakable elements
- support for bookmarks and annotations (sticky notes)
- support for composite watermarks
- use another document as template
- integration with Symfony2 by PdfBundle

The library is not for:
- directly converting HTML code to PDF - to this case are another libraries, for example wkhtmltopdf. Besides PHPPdf is not compatible with HTML, task of this library is not to provide tool to convert HTML code to PDF

- The Library is for:
create complex PDF documents over which you must to have as well as possible control in structure, layout and "look and feel" aspects. That task not always are satisfied by converters form HTML and CSS to PDF becouse of HTML/CSS goal is to describe web document (with support for printers) and this format has limitations in PDF document describing.

License type: Freeware
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