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phpLedMailer is a simple, cool, easy-to-use (once you've done it the first time) single PHP mailing list project - that is, each install of it supports one mailing list. It is very useful if you want to maintain a mailing list for your site, without having to deal with all kinds of nasty setup and complicated administration tasks. One of the nice feature of phpLedMailer is that you can maintain a list of any size. Unlike other mailing lists, sends are done in batches, but are complete at your command. You watch the send execute, complete with a nice progress bar to know how much is done.

Features of phpLedMailer:
- Simple and nice interface: phpLedMailer's user interface is as simple yet powerful, making use of javascript to leverage the client-side power and simplify the interface.
- Database Choices: The following database engines are fully supported: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Oracle (8i+) and SQLite.
- Ease of installation: The installation has been simplified. Simply configure your database, create your administration username and password and the installer will do the rest!
- Easy customization: After the installation is complete, you can easily customize the functionality of phpLedMailer from within the application itself! In addition, there are only a couple of templates that need to be modified to completely fit the style of your site! There are even user-defined fields which you can use to collect any data from the subscribers you want!
- WYSIWYG Message Editor: phpLedMailer includes a GUI message editor allowing you to easily create HTML-based mailing items to send to your users, without ever leaving your browser. New: Upload images and include them in your mailings on the fly!
- Send Queues: Sending mail from web interfaces to many users has always been a problem. phpLedMailer's send queues solves this problem, by only sending the messages in chunk sizes that you want, when you want. You can even pause the sending of the mail items and come back to resume the sends at any time. phpLedMailer's send queue also ensures that there are no duplicate e-mails send to any users.
- Web Services: You can now control phpLedMailer's subscriber list through a SOAP interface! Integrate the subscriber list with any application written in any language running on any server!
- Import Utility: Easily import addresses from an existing mailing list using the simple-to-use import utility!

License type: Freeware
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