PHPExcel 1.7.9


PHPExcel - OpenXML, is designed to create Excel2007 documents in PHP, it is also a Spreadsheet engine. This Project PHPExcel provides a set of classes for the PHP programming language, which allow you to write to and read from different file formats, like Excel 2007, PDF, HTML, ... This PHP project is built around Microsoft's OpenXML standard and PHP. Checkout the Features this project set provides, such as setting spreadsheet meta data (author, title, description, ...), multiple worksheets, different fonts and font styles, cell borders, fills, gradients, adding images to your spreadsheet and much, much more!

Features of PHPExcel:
- Create an in-memory spreadsheet representation
- Set spreadsheet meta data (author, title, description, ...)
- Add worksheets to spreadsheet
- Add data and formulas to individual cells
- Merge cells
- Protect ranges of cells with a password
- Supports setting cell width and height
- Supports different fonts and font styles
- Supports formatting, styles, cell borders, fills, gradients, ...
- Supports hyperlinks
- Supports different data types for individual cells
- Supports cell text wrapping
- Supports conditional formatting
- Supports column auto-sizing
- Supports rich-text strings
- Supports autofilter
- Supports "freezing" cell panes
- Supports cell-level security
- Supports workbook-level security
- Supports worksheet-level protection
- Group rows/columns
- Cell data validation
- Insert/remove rows/columns
- Named ranges
- Worksheet references
- Calculate formula values
- Add comments to a cell
- Add images to your spreadsheet
- Set image styles

What's New in This Release Version:
- Improved performance (speed), for building the Shared Strings table in the Excel2007 Writer.
- Improved performance (speed), for PHP to Excel date conversions
- Enhanced SheetViews element structures in the Excel2007 Writer for frozen panes.
- Removed Serialized Reader/Writer as these no longer work.

- Provide option to use PCLZip as an alternative to ZipArchive. This allows the writing of Excel2007 files, even without ZipArchive enabled (it does require zlib), or when php_zip is one of the buggy PHP 5.2.6 or 5.2.8 versions. It can be enabled using PHPExcel_Settings::setZipClass(PHPExcel_Settings::PCLZIP);
- Added listWorksheetNames() method to Readers that support multiple worksheets in a workbook, allowing a user to extract a list of all the worksheet names from a file without parsing/loading the whole file.
- Speed boost and memory reduction in the Worksheet toArray() method.
- Added new rangeToArray() and namedRangeToArray() methods to the PHPExcel_Worksheet object.
- Added support for cell comments in the OOCalc, Gnumeric and Excel2003XML Readers, and in the Excel5 Reader
- Improved toFormattedString() handling for Currency and Accounting formats to render currency symbols
- Implement more Excel calculation functions. Implemented the DAVERAGE(), DCOUNT(), DCOUNTA(), DGET(), DMAX(), DMIN(), DPRODUCT(), DSTDEV(), DSTDEVP(), DSUM(), DVAR() and DVARP() Database functions

Bug fixes:
- Simple =IF() formula disappears
- PHP Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: PCRE does not support \\L, \\l, \\N, \\P, \\p, \\U, \\u, or \\X
- VLOOKUP choking on parameters in PHPExcel.1.7.5/PHPExcel_Writer_Excel2007
- PHPExcel_Cell::isInRange() incorrect results - offset by one column
- Treat CodePage of 0 as CP1251 (for .xls files written by applications that don't set the CodePage correctly, such as Apple Numbers)
- Need method for removing autoFilter
- coordinateFromString throws exception for rows greater than 99,999
- PHPExcel Excel2007 Reader colour problems with solidfill
- Formatting get lost and edit a template XLSX file
- Excel 2007 Reader /writer lost fontcolor
- File that makes cells go black
- Minor patchfix for Excel2003XML Reader when XML is defined with a charset attribute
- PHPExcel_Worksheet->toArray() index problem
- Worksheet fromArray() only working with 2-D arrays
- Reduced false positives from isDateTimeFormatCode() method by suppressing testing within quoted strings

- PHP version 5.2.0 or higher
- PHP extension php_zip enabled *)
- PHP extension php_xml enabled
- PHP extension php_gd2 enabled (if not compiled in)

License type: LGPL
Date added: 5 years, 4 months 14 days ago | Last updated: 2 years, 10 months 5 days ago

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