PHP Super Cart

PHP Super Cart

PHP Super Cart is the simple e-commerce solution. It's a full-featured catalog and shopping cart system that bends over backwards to give you the flexibility you need to run your e-commerce website. You can use the PHP Super Cart shopping cart script to completely run your website, just as a shopping cart, or anything in between.

Add PHP Super Cart to your existing website or build your website with PHP Super Cart. We built the PHP Super Cart script specifically to give you all the functionality you need while still allowing complete flexibility in your web design. Every part of PHP Super Cart can be fully customized to look exactly the way you need.

Features of PHP Super Cart:
- Unlimited categories and subcategories - You can add as many categories as you want. Each category can have unlimited subcategories which can have unlimited subcategories, etc. Unlimited depth.
- Unlimited products (Pro version) - You can add unlimited products to the database. Our test site has over 10,000 products and runs just fine. Products can be flagged as inactive which will remove them from the category lists but keeps them in the database so you can activate them later. (NOTE: The Basic version of PHP Super Cart only allows you to add up to 25 products.)
- Products can be in multiple categories - Each product can be added to unlimited categories.
- Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs - On apache web servers that support mod_rewrite you can have the system generate search engine friendly urls for products and categories.
- Unlimited Options - Create unlimited options. Assign an unlimited number of options to each product. Options can be flagged as "mandatory".
- Unlimited Pictures - Each product can have an unlimited number of pictures associated with it.
- Unlimited Text Iitems - You can create an unlimited number of generic text items and assign them to products. Examples might be warranty information, shipping details, licensing information, etc.
- Unlimited Detail Pages - Each product can have an unlimited number of additional detail pages. Each page has it's own page title. Examples might be product details, specifications, warranty information, examples, etc.
- Quantity Pricing - Each product can have a minimum quantity to order as well as quantity pricing. For example, a product might cost $5 for 1 item but only $4 each for 2 to 5 and $3 each for 6 or more. Products can have unlimited ranges of quantity pricing.
- Track orders - Your customers can receive a tracking URL so they can view their order payment status and shipping status online.
- Track Partial Shipping Of Orders - Your customers can receive a shipping email detailing which products have been shipped and which have not.
- 100% template driven (of course) - You can completely customize the main template and every detail template (categories, products, cart, billing,etc.).
- more and more...

License type: Freeware
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