PHP Class Collection 1.1

PHP Class Collection

PHP Class Collection provides different classes written in PHP 5.

Currently the following classes are offered in PHP Class Collection:
- Catcher:
  . Purpose: Catch errors and exceptions and output, log or mail them
- DirectoryList (PHP4) (Documentation)
  . Purpose: Recursive projection of the filesystem (sub-)tree in an object
- eMail (PHP4) (Documentation)
  . Purpose: Easily create eMails with attachments
- FTPConnection (PHP4) (Documentation)
  . Purpose: FTP access without using PHP's FTP-functions
- HTTPConnection (PHP4) (Documentation)
  . Purpose: HTTP access without using CURL
- MultiSQL (PHP4) (Documentation)
  . Purpose: Easily use your code with different database systems
- PayPalButton (Documentation)
  . Purpose: Create Website Payments Standard buttons for online payments through PayPal
- RSS2 (PHP4) (Documentation)
  . Purpose: Simply create RSS2-feeds
- SiteMap (Documentation)
  . Purpose: Simply create XML-sitemaps
- SMTPConnection (PHP4) (Documentation)
  . Purpose: Send eMails using any SMTP-server
- SQLSession (PHP4) (Documentation)
  . Purpose: Store Sessions in a database
- Tar (PHP4) (Documentation)
  . Purpose: Create Tar-archives directly within PHP
- TCPConnection (PHP4) (Documentation)
  . Purpose: Connect to TCP-ports for communication
- Template (Documentation)
  . Purpose: Create websites using template-files
- UnTar (PHP4) (Documentation)
  . Purpose: Extract files from Tar-archives

License type: LGPL
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