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PHP Book Club

PHP Book Club is a web application designed to allow users of small groups (like User Groups, Clubs) to share their collection of books with each other. Individual users can create an account, and add their books to the system. Then other users can browse the collective 'library' and borrow books from other users.

The system tracks who has which books, when they are due back. Users can browse the entire collection sorted by category, or search for individual books by title, author, publisher, ISBN number, and category.

The system is themeable, and each user can select which theme they prefer to view the site in. Their selection is saved in the database and used each time they login. The system currently contains two themes, an easy to use plain text theme, as well as a nice graphical blue theme.

This was developed in PHP4 on Apache 1.3.x and uses a MySQL database to store information. Documentation on setting up the system is included. All a user has to do is untar the files to a webserver, setup the database, edit the database settings in a config file, and change the logo / site name to suit their own group.

Developers who wish to see more features are encouraged to download and contribute their code to the project.

License type: GNU General Public License
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