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Phire CMS

Phire CMS is an object-oriented, feature-rich, open source PHP CMS built on top of the lightweight PHP Library, the Moc10 PHP Library 1.9.7 to provide a refreshing approach to content management to help you run any type of website easily, from a simple blog to a full-fledged website. It is built on the ever-popular MySQL/PHP platform, this PHP CMS project installs and runs on a wide variety of server stacks. All of the standard features you would expect are built into this CMS, moreover, Phire CMS aims to try and provide you with a pretty robust feature set from the start, Where other publishing platforms may have plugins or extensions that you have to download, add-on and/or configure to use certain features, Phire gives you those features at your fingertips from the beginning.

Features of Phire CMS:
- Multiple site management is built-in.
- SEO-friendly URLs and meta-content management.
- Site content syndication feed.
- Mobile access & mobile presentation is built-in.
- Extensive site member control.
- Sections to easily group & order content.
- Built-in support for popular WYSIWYG editors.
- Very detailed system control and security settings.
- Easy-to-use API that let's you "break out" of the system.
- Easy updates. The CMS auto-checks for any updates.

What's New in This Release Version 1.1 Phire CMS:
- Added multiple language support for 12 languages.
- Addressed the installation process, making it easier to install with a clearly laid-out 2-step process.
- Due to the easier installation process, the config file is now automatically written for the user.
- Added the ability to have a dynamic database prefix.
- Added a search log to track internal site searches.
- Made internal site searches able to utilize GET or POST
(previously was only able to use POST.)
- Added Nested Sections.
- Added blog-like features: Publish and Expiration Date for Pages; Date-based URL Filtering; Improved URL control under Pages (Add date to URL, prepend section URL).
- Restyled input buttons to use CSS and not the images of a set-width.
- Fixed path bugs in member functionality.
- Fixed a bug with the edit file script.
- Added a handful of small overall functionality and UI improvements.
- Upgraded to the Moc10 PHP Library v1.9.7
- Upgraded to the Jax JavaScript Library v1.7

- PHP 5.2.6 or Higher

License type: BSD License
Date added: 5 years, 2 months 28 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 2 months 24 days ago

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