Personal Finance Manager 1.2

Personal Finance Manager

With the idea that no human has the time or motivation to track each and every expense in their busy schedule, the PFM - Personal Finance Manager was developed as the solution, it acts as a financial organizer and planner for people. The purpose of this PHP project is to allocate sanctioned waste money for the purpose of guilt free spending.

Each month, the following process occurs; First, the income is entered. At the same time, the monthly Cost of Living Expenses are entered as well. Once all this has taken place, the user sets the Savings rate and receives a Luxuries rate and amount. The savings amount must be saved and the luxuries amount can be spent without worry.

What's New in This Release Version 1.2 Personal Finance Manager:
- The ability to upload luxuries transactions from a csv file for reference and categorization.
- The ability to label luxury transactions for records and statistics.
- The ability to produce reports on luxury transactions.
- The ability to add transaction filter for automatic labeling.
- Make all new features fully style-able.
- Finalize & clean up the new features.

License type: GPL
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