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PeecFW is a PHP Framework, and with it's built in modules and templates you actually have a nice and feature specific CMS (Content Management System). PeecFW is free and open source under the General Public License V3.

Your CMS:
PeecFW's powerful features let's you create your CMS easy and simple. You can easily create new templates and it's really fast to do so! PeecFW is built to be secure, modular and complex.

If you don't need anything complex, don't worry! PeecFW's default installation might be the thing for you - it comes with the features you need.

PeecFW aims to be innovative and generate new generation solutions, we do not code or make old things - we don't like old things.

Features of PeecFW:
- A highly advanced framework with capabilities to be any type of application.
- By default PeecFW is a very nice CMS.
- We only use the latest technology while programming. OOP and PHP5.
- Database ORM: Doctrine. Supports any type of database engine, including but not limited to: MySQL, Postgresql, MsSQL, and the list continues. Some people say that ORM's make the application slower - this is not true, ORM's can be faster then normal mysql_query() functions because of built-in support for caching and result caching!
- Constantly under development, and highly flexible.
- Module and Tempalte based. Easy template generation and module customization/generation.
- Perfectly competes against big (and bloated) exising CMS systems, like: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla!. However PeecFW is innovative, and aims for new concepts.
- XSS Attacks? What is that? We force generic security in the base framework. We have built-in XSS blocking by default- making XSS attacks impossible.
- SQL Injections? It's not possible to SQL inject PeecFW. We use Doctrine, Doctrine will take care of the SQL injectors.
- Template engine: Smarty. We belive a templating engine is a must in a framework. And we have chosen Smarty because of performance (caching features), complexity, knowability, and ease of use.
- Using PeecFW your outputted HTML will allways be 100% PURE and valid HTML when the template itself is valid.
- Jquery Built in. Loaded when first needed. Makes Ajax features easy to use.
- Complex Admin GUI, modules can even integrate to the GUI, and that is done in few lines of code.

License type: GPL
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