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Ownyx is a free and Open MVC PHP Framework for developing websites and web applications. The framework is implemented using an object-oriented approach. The framework is build with the idea to be lightweight. It offers the basics needed for building web projects, but doesn't come with any abundant functionalities. This means it is a solid base for you to build your PHP project in.

You can focus on the real coding, while you let the framework deal with all the basic necessities. It speed up the development proces and makes developing and maintaining large-scale PHP applications a lot easier. The framework is easy to use and comes with clear wrritten documentation, tutorials and examples.

Some advantages of using the Ownyx framework:
- It speeds up the developing process, allowing you to cope with deadlines the current industry requires
- It keeps your code organised, by dividing different aspects of the application in logical parts, which makes it easier to develop and maintain large-scale PHP applications
- It comes with a build-in developer toolbar which comes in handy monitoring and debugging web projects in real-time
- Using the querybuilder, you can rapidly build MySQL queries and get your query results returned in data objects
- Frontend developers can use views and controllers to covert their HTML/CSS files into a reusable structure and can access all functions of the business logic (models), which can be build by backend developers, in an intuitive way without having to know the specifics of backend coding. In this way you can devide the tasks needed to build a web project to different members of a development team.

Features of Ownyx framework:
- PHP 5
- Database objects
- Query builder
- Form builder
- Authentication system
- Developer-toolbar
- Caching
- Validation
- Logging

License type: New BSD license
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