OpenReg 20100905

OpenReg is PHP / MySQL conference registration software designed with small non-profit organizations in mind. It is designed without bells and whistles, but is flexible enough to allow many different types of registrants and registration types.

Conceptions of OpenReg:
- Ease to install and administer.
  . Installation requires copying files to a directory and running a MySQL import. Even this will be simplified in future releases.
  . Only the most basic HTML experience is needed. There is no HTML editing required, but knowing path names to headers and footers helps.
  . All content, including different registration types, can be changed in the administration pages.
  . CSS can be used to change the look and feel, but not necessary as the default CSS works fine.
- Easy to use.
  . Registration forms mimic paper forms and have helpful error messages.
  . Multiple registrations are put in an 'envelope' and can paid for at once.
  . Users do not have to register with OpenReg.
- One payment method, we chose PayPal.
  . PayPal allows credit cards, e-checks, and other payment forms.
  . No credit card processing is required in OpenReg.
  . PayPal has one of the lowest per transaction charges available.

License type: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
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