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MyNews is a very simple news publishing script that stores data in a flat file and that also offers the news as a RSS feed. When logged in as admin you can add, edit (wysiwyg) or delete news items. The template file lets you adapt the look and feel of the news output so that it most suits your site's design.

Features of MyNews:
- FCKeditor WYSIWYG EDITOR: Due to some requests I decided to implement the FCKeditor which is a very sophisticated WYSIWYG editor with lots of great features like file/image upload.
- TEASER & FULLSTORY: Each news item has its teaser and its fullstory text. In overiew mode only the teasers are displayed. By clicking on the fullstory link you get the whole articel with a backlink to the overview.
- SCHEDULING OF NEWS: MyNews 1.4.1 lets you schedule the news items. Also you can choose whether to display news with a date in the future or not.
- RSS FEED: MyNews 1.3 offers the ability to subscribe to its RSS feed.
- PAGING: The new paging function lists all pages as numbers with first-, previous-, next- and last-button.
- SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The script's installation is done in 4. steps: Editing config. variables, uploading of the 4 files, changing permissions of the 2 data files, including the main file into a existing website.
- TEMPLATE: To adapt the look of the news items you can easily edit the given HTML template and make it most suitable for your site's design.
- SECURE ADMIN LOGIN: When logged in as admin you'll be shown an edit and a delete option for each news item.
- FLAT FILES: The script uses flat files to store the news & the admin logging data. So no MySQL or any other databases are needed.

License type: Freeware
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 9 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 5 months 9 days ago

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