mPDF 5.6.1

This is a PHP script for rendering HTML contents as PDF output. It can be used to output UTF-8 encoded web pages on the fly.

Based on FPDF and HTML 2 PDF.

Features of mPDF:
- UTF-8 encoded HTML is accepted
- Bookmarks and Meta tag information are supported in all character sets
- Right-to-left languages are supported
- Automatic detection of RTL characters within a document
- A single stylesheet can be used for all pages, with font substitution automatically for CJK characters.
- Character substitution
- Word spacing and character spacing are both used to justify text
- Nested block-level elements (e.g. P, DIV) are supported
- CSS style attributes now fully support font, font-size, color, and background color (for highlighting) plus many more
- Table cell padding and borders are supported
- Text-indent for 1st line of paragraph, and hanging indents are supported
- List indenting can be defined
- Multiple columns can be started and stopped anywhere on the page with column height adjusted (and optionally aligned to justify)
- Tables can be rotated, or autosized - font-size is reduced if required to fit the page. Background colour for TR rows is supported
- Odd and even paging can be used with inner and outer margins alternated
- A more complex definition of headers and footers allows left/center/right parts to be defined, each with their own font-styles, and including code to allow the date/time to be inserted as well as page numbers
- A table of contents can be generated automatically, which can be inserted at the front of the document, based on custom tags used throughout the HTML code
- An index can be generated at the end of the document based on custom tags used throughout the HTML code
- Non-breaking space is supported when using fonts that have a character representing chr(160) (not all of them)
- A watermark can be used e.g. for 'DRAFT', and will appear as a transparency over other elements
- Intelligent word-wrapping will avoid 'orphan' punctuation or superscript moving to the next line
- All HTML entities are supported, as well as decimal and hex
- Password protection can be set for the PDF file
- NB The original commands from FPDF can be used

What's new in this version:
- Active forms (see on-line manual for details).
- 128-bit encryption (optional) with additional user-permissions (see on-line manual).

License type: GPL
Date added: 4 years, 6 months 14 days ago | Last updated: 3 years, 2 months 6 days ago

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