MongoDB Object Document Mapper 1.0.0

MongoDB Object Document Mapper

Doctrine MongoDB Object Document Mapper is built for PHP 5.3.2+ and provides transparent persistence for PHP objects. MongoDB Object Document Mapper is a professional PHP database software. It is clear that MongoDB is fast finding application amongst cutting-edge web developers.

As a relatively new concept for persistence, NoSQL (Not Only SQL) and more specifically document-oriented databases, such as MongoDB, are starting to enter the web applications landscape. Its strength lies in speed and ability to cope with dynamic data, making its goals align closely with requirements of many websites around today.

Features of Doctrine MongoDB Object Document Mapper:
- Transparent persistence.
- Map one or many embedded documents.
- Map one or many referenced documents.
- Create references between documents in different databases.
- Map documents with Annotations, XML, YAML or plain old PHP code.
- Documents can be stored on the MongoGridFS.
- Collection per class(concrete) and single collection inheritance supported.
- Map your Doctrine 2 ORM Entities to the ODM and use mixed data stores.
- Inserts are performed using MongoCollection::batchInsert()
- Updates are performed using atomic operators.

License type: LGPL
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