Moc10 PHP Library 1.9.7

Moc10 PHP Library

Moc10 PHP Library is an object-oriented PHP library aims to help anyone from a novice to an expert readily and quickly implement and deploy a web application. This lightweight, easy-to-use and easily deloyable PHP Library can integrate a handful of some of the "basics" that go into many websites, projects and applications.

Features of Moc10 PHP Library:
- Moc10_Autoloader to Load Library & Application Classes into the Autoload Stack.
- Moc10_Cookie to create, access and destroy cookies.
- Moc10_Curl to    initialize and manipulate cURL session transactions and related data.   
- Moc10_Db to execute SQL Queries, fetch Query Results, escape Values, return Last Insert ID and much more.
- Moc10_Dom to create basic DOM elements and nested children with control over their attributes and content, Create entire DOM documents such HTML, XHTML and XML documents.
- Moc10_Feed to create and parse a feed from a URL such and an RSS feed or a YouTube channel feed, access to the items of the feed via an associative array and more.
- Moc10_File to read File Data, write/append Data to Files, copy & move Files, Upload Files and more.
- Moc10_Form to Set Form & Form Element Attributes, Set Required Fields and more.   
- Moc10_Ftp to Create and remove directories, Put, get, rename and delete files and more.
- Moc10_Image to Resize, Scale & Crop Images, Write Text to Images (System Fonts or True Type Fonts), Convert Images and more.
- Moc10_Language to Support for 12 languages for the internal messaging of the library and more.
- Moc10_Mail to Set a single email address or a queue of email addresses, Support for individual customization per email message and more.
- Moc10_Pdf to Create New PDFs, Add, Copy, Order & Delete Pages and more.
- Moc10_Record to Create, Read, Update and Delete Database Records (Basic CRUD functionality.), Return Records Via Basic Methods: findById(), findBy() & findAll() and more.
- Moc10_Session to Start and Destroy Sessions, Access and Update Session Data and more.
- Moc10_String to Manipulate & Return Basic String Data, Link Conversion and more.

- PHP 5.2.6 or Higher
- The basic MySQL extension for basic MySQL database connections and transactions
- The MySQLi extension to utilize MySQLi to connect to and interact with MySQL databases
- The PostgreSQL extension for PostgreSQL database connections and transactions
- The SQLite3 extension for SQLite database connections and transactions
- The GD library for image manipulation (including FreeType support)
- The SimpleXML extension for the Feed and Language components
- The PHP mail function and SMTP server correctly set for the mail component
- The cURL extension for the Curl component
- FTP support enabled for the FTP component

License type: New BSD License
Date added: 5 years, 2 months 22 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 2 months 21 days ago

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