MMS Decoder 1.0

MMS Decoder is a class meant to receive, decode, and optionally display MMS messages (Multimedia Messaging Service) on a Web page.

MMS Decoder makes it possible for users to create their own MMS services such as MMS picture blogs. This is done by a script that is acting as an MMSC (MMS Server/MMS Center/Messaging Center), which is a server to which MMS messages are sent.

The cost to send an MMS message from a mobile device to MMS Decoder is also often lower than sending normal MMS messages.

When you send a normal MMS, the operator charge a fee for using their MMSC, but when you send an MMS to MMSDecoder, the operators MMS Server is not used. The only cost is for the WAP/GPRS session, since MMS messages are normally sent using WAP or GPRS.

License type: Other Free / Open Source License
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