MGB OpenSource Guestbook 0.7 beta 2

MGB OpenSource Guestbook

This is an easy, flexible and customizable PHP guestbook script. Customizable through templates to make it fit 100% to a web page. The guestbook supports Gravatar icons and stores data in an MySQL database.

Features of MGB PHP:
- Compliant with the W3C standard HTML4.01
- Administration backend
- Moderators / Administrators
- Templates - Color, style and completely customizable to your homepage by templates
- Number of entries shown per page set
- Select whether updates are available
- "Gravatar" support
- Different languages
- Paging function
- Function "moderated guestbook (disabled)
- Safety query ('captcha') (deactivated)
- IP-blocking (deactivation)
- Email Spam (deactivation)
- BBCodes insertable by the push of a button (disabled)
- Email notification of new entries (disabled)
- Email alerts (Thanks mail) at new entries (disabled)
- EMail alerts for new user comments (disabled)
- Disable delete messages, unlock, comment, edit
- Test whether the given email address is valid
- Test whether the given ICQ number is valid
- Word censorship
- Smilies (deactivation)
- If smilies are disabled, Textsmilies will be shown instead
- The user can choose whether they want to be alerted a comment or opt-in (disabled)
- The user can choose whether they can be contacted via the guestbook
- Support for multiple messengers such as AIM and MSN
- META for Author, Keywords and Description tags set

License type: GPL
Date added: 4 years, 4 months 20 days ago | Last updated: 3 years, 21 days ago

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