Lion PHP Framework 1.4.22

Lion PHP Framework

Lion is a promising open source PHP framework designed to create rich web applications as a combination of the most valuable features and patterns taken from the development community. This PHP framework is the perfect balance between rapid development, scalability and performance, meaning that it has been specially designed for people who need to reduce engineering efforts, people who need scalable architectures to maintain as well as people who need a thin-layer PHP framework to increase the performance as much as possible.

Features of Lion PHP Framework:
- MVC plus MVP architecture (Dual MVC)
- Spring-style Dependency Injection (IoC based PHP framework)
- Request dispatcher with Intercepting filter
- Powerful custom URLs rewrite engine
- Event-driven PHP architecture
- Native AJAX components
- Reverse AJAX
- Authentication and Authorization
- I18n
- Cache management
- .Net-style configuration management
- Form validation (component based validation)
- Template based views
- PHP component-based data sanitization
- Logging system
- Session-based context containers

What's New in This Release Version 1.4.22 Lion PHP Framework:
- Fixed: Upgraded HTMLPurifier to 4.2.0
- Fixed: Replace split by preg_split (since split is already deprecated) and fixed small issues with the PHP 5.3 compatibility

- PHP 5.2.1 or Higher
- Apache mod_rewrite (or equivalent)

License type: MIT License
Date added: 5 years, 4 months 6 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 3 months 23 days ago

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