LabStoRe 1.5.3

LabStoRe is a modular, optionally account-based, inventory or LIMS system that provides a way to collect, maintain, present and archive information on laboratory stocks and records.

A laboratory with a good inventory, or better, information system, saves time, reduces errors, prevents wastage, and occasionally even provides insights. The interface to this system is web-based, making it conveniently accessible and even though it is web-based, embedded security measures make it secure.

Being PHP/MySQL-based, the system is very flexible (imagine making Excel behave in a way that you want). The database (MySQL-based) is kept separate from the interface (web, i.e., PHP/HTML-based), which gives it a significant advantage over, say, an Excel- or Filemaker-based system. MySQL and PHP are very stable, widely-used and supported (and free) platforms.

If required, the database can be exported for use in more-traditional application based systems (Excel, Access, Filemaker, etc.).

License type: Freeware
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