Kurogo Mobile Framework 1.5

Kurogo Mobile Framework

Kurogo Mobile Framework is a PHP Framework that can help institution efficiently deliver campus services and information to a wide array of mobile devices. Based on the MIT framework, this Open Source projects provides a modular way to present mobile versions of various data sources in an extendable, customizable fashion.

Features of Kurogo Mobile Framework:
Included modules:
- People directory
- News/RSS feeds
- Event Calendar
- Maps
- Video
- Emergency
- Links
- Statistics
- About
- HTML Content

- Fixed issues with Drupal Contacts
- Many fixes for maps module
- More flexibility for propertly handling HTML tags in RSS feeds
- Fixed several issues with custom LDAP searching
- Responses that contain errors will no longer be cached
- Clean whitespace from calendar feeds
- Some non-standard time zones are now recognized
- Initialization arguments are now passed to the DataResponse object
- Added previous/next buttons when browsing Photos
- Fixes for searching phone numbers in people module
- Fixes for athletics icons
- Fixed links found when FETCH_CONTENT is used if the url is redirected
- Redirects are now given SEO friendly HTTP status codes

What's New in This Version:
- Kurogo will load libraries and configuration from the shared site directory to reduce code duplication
- It is possible to change which module is the home module
- CACHE_LIFETIME is now respected
- New XML Parser (SimpleXMLDataParser) makes it easier to parse simple XML documents
- Improved the Calendar Detail page
- More configurability of Map Module behavior
- robots.txt file is now dynamic and modules can specify whether they should permit robot scraping
- Enabled pagination of people results
- Most module's library files are now included in the module's "lib" folder
- Add Shibboleth authentication authority (requires a shibboleth SP installed on the Kurogo Server)
- Tablet Panes are now loaded Asynchronously
- Updated handling of stats information to improve stats module performance. See dev guide for important migration information
- Improved tablet interface for Photos (issue 57, 58)
- Added ability to retrieve data using the cURL library
- Federated search can be disabled
- A custom user class can be specified in Authentication configurations eliminating the need to create a custom authority
- Improved styling of spring board to accomodate devices of various sizes
- More informative error messages when required PHP extensions are not available
- Support for Co-Ed sports in Athletics module (issue 56)
- The people module will perform exact searches for names less than 3 characters (to prevent too many results)
- ArcGIS data feed results can be sorted
- KurogoReader now utilizes the URLDataRetriver and therefore respects proxy and other settings
- Fixes for pagination in Flickr feeds
- Removed support for Percent Mobile (service is ending)

License type: MIT
Date added: 4 years, 10 months 12 days ago | Last updated: 3 years, 7 months 16 days ago

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