KMB - KwentMailBlogger 0.45

KMB - KwentMailBlogger

KMB is an OpenSource PHP Blog software. If you want to publish your thoughts and images from the top of the mountain you just climed instantly to your website,you can try KMB, which is a little MailBlogger. It connects to a certain mailaccount, grabs Emails with a certain Subject, by which it identifies regular entries.

It extracts the text and attached images and saves the text and the original images to a database and the filesystem respectively. It resizes the images to a standard size chosen. It also rotates the images if indicated in the Email. It keeps the original(rotated) one as well as the resized to allow a preview and a full view. Further Documentation inside the script!

- Create a mailaccount fulfilling the requirements stated above

- Create a database table using the sql script found below

- Create a directory for the images accessible by php

- Choose if you want the script to be run standalone or included into your portal
- Run it or include it wherever


- Send an email to the Blog Account having the appropriate subject defined below

- Attach images to your mail (preferrably jpgs, since they're known to work)

- If you need your images to be rotated, add >90, >-90, or >180 to the subject

-all(!!) images of that mail will then be rotated(90 is in degrees and clockwise)

- mails having a subject other than the one defined are being deleted!!!


- PHP 4.something I suppose

- compiled with IMAP & GD support

- a POP3 or IMAP capable mailaccount

License type: Freeware
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 12 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 3 months 25 days ago

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