Jetbox CMS v2.1 RC2

Jetbox CMS

Jetbox CMS is seriously tested on usability and it has a professional intuitive interface. Jetbox CMS is role based, with workflow and module orientated. All content is fully separated form layout.

- php
- mysql

What's New in Version v2.1 RC2 Jetbox CMS
- fixed: Javascript include error for rich text editor
- update: Changed the default publish start time for workflow enabled items (now always directly online)
- update: Container code generator, added page_title formatting for convenient file names (strtolower(replace spaces))
- update: Changed the sql file to mysql 4.0 compatible instead of 4.1
- update: Container code generator to work more elegant with yes/no options
- fixed:  Error handler would cause fatal error at login
- update: Added redirect in /admin/ to /admin/cms when active session is detected
- update: Moved back to the old authentication mechanism, due to serious compatibility problems on specific systems
- update: Removed all references to the old "register_long_arrays" (used before PHP 4.1.0), to be compatible with modern system settings
- fixed:  Image selecting problems in RTE in association with "register_long_arrays"
- feature: Re-enabled the option to turn the RTE on and off
- fixed: SQL queries in installer to work with mysql 3.23 again
- fixed: Image upload vulnarability:image container now checks for appropriate file extensions
- feature: Status of item are displayed with images instead of text
- fixed: Downloads pointed to wrong location on front-end
- feature: added modal dialog to log in again, no popup anymore
- fixed: File upload in administration

License type: Freeware
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 12 days ago | Last updated: 5 years, 5 months 12 days ago

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