jCore 1.0pre2


jCore is a different multisite PHP CMS(Content Management System), which was designed especially for webmasters (using the well known LAMP environment) who have to maintain multiple websites for their clients and they would like to keep the source codes up to date and easily fix bugs for all clients at once.

jCore is composed by two main systems:
- jCore Server: which holds all the libraries and modules you can build on, or it can be considered as the as the library for your site/program
- jCore Client: which is the stripped version of the core system without any libraries as it uses the ones from the core. or it can be considered as the website that you show to the public.

Features of jCore:
- Dynamic Web 2.0 Layout
- Multilanguage Support
- Multiple Menus
- Content Management
- Dynamic Forms
- Extensibility (Modules)
- Content Codes
- RSS Feeds
- Advertisements
- Members Management
- SEO Friendly Links
- Brute Force Protection
- Password Trading Protection
- Custom 404 Error Page
- Custom Maintenance Text
- API: Partial Classes
- jQuery Implementation in jCore

What's New in this version jCore 0.9:
- Fixed LC_MESSAGES undefined bug
- Fixed fatal error on activating/deactivating users
- Fixed fatal error on creating order in admin
- Fixed ajax form to show content in the right target-ed area (for e.g. when selecting owner)
- Fixed ccBill responseDiggest calculation (for verifying a ccBill order)
- Fixed ajax script parser to work with multiline script tags too
- Made jCore to work on strict MySQL setup too
- Security fixes
- Fixed pasword crypting to fall back to other crypters if generation failed
- Fixed disabling css/js compression if zlib compression enabled by default for php
- Fixed sitemap even if seo friendly links deactivated
- Added possibility to importe youtu.be videos too
- Fixed importing Vimeo videos
- Optimized jCore jQuery plugin
- Added possibility to recognize ajax requests without having to add ajax=1 to the urls
- Fixed CSRF token to not expire randomly but at the defined time
- Replaced ajax content links to use data-target attributes instead of target as this way it is possible to have links working without js
- Fixed editing comment without js
- Fixed cancelling editing comment
- Add .first and .last to url::displayPath()

License type: GNU GPL
Date added: 5 years, 5 months 12 days ago | Last updated: 3 years, 7 months 25 days ago

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