InterJinn 1.0


InterJinn is an open-source multi-tier framework for web and shell applications using the PHP scripting engine. It focus lies on web development.

Features of InterJinn:
- session management
- profile management
- run-time component binding
- run-time property binding
- caching mechanisms
- form engine with advanced validation
- customizable templating system
- multilingual resolution

With the multi-tier framework, code used for web applications can be re-used for shell based applications by merely changing the view. The above list should be standard for any web application framework, but the real strength in InterJinnTM lies in its modularity and ease of extensibility. Any of the core features can be replaced with another module that conforms to the necessary interface.

For each of the features above, InterJinn currently has dual support for database and filesystem based mechanisms. The database mechanism supports a MySQL layer or alternatively a PEAR:DB wrapper layer. To fully appreciate the framework I suggest you explore this site and get a feel for the power and flexibility that will be placed at your disposal.

License type: GPL
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