PDF files could be searched and browsed as a sort of notebook to help you to print a page that looks the same no matter what platform or browser is being used.

HTML_ToPDF is a PHP PDF class that makes it easy to convert HTML documents to PDF files on the fly. It is a free PHP PDF project.  HTML_ToPDF grew out of the need to convert HTML files (which are easy to create) to PDF files (which are not so easy to create) fast and easily.

Featues of HTML_ToPDF:
- The ability to encrypt and set permissions on the PDF file on the fly.
- Can easily convert pages that are generated dynamically (i.e. from a database via PHP)
- The ability to set the header and footer text, including the color.
- The ability to set the page size and margins.
- The ability to convert images in the webpage to images embedded in the PDF. The script tries to convert relative image paths in to absolute ones as well.
- The ability to use the CSS in the HTML file in the creation of the PDF. This includes remote CSS files as well.
- The ability to convert remote files.
- The ability to convert links into embedded clickable links in the PDF file
- The ability to scale the HTML page.
- Easy setting of any of these options through the methods of the class.
- Tries to fix quirks in html pages which break html2ps.
- Works on both Unix/Linux and Windows.

License type: The PHP License
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