HostCMS V.6

When you first come across HostCMS it might intimidate and deter you away from using it. This is it because it was developed by a Russian team and its homepage is in Russian. But if you take the time to install and configure it, HostCMS can easily be deployed with an English interface, for English sites, or any other language you wish.HostCMS features all the classic CMS-like features like page management, installation wizard, file browser, page templates, etc., but it can also be extended via modules.The basic package comes with lots of useful modules, like ones for running online shops, polls, forums, mailing lists, and so on.There's lot of functionality packed with HostCMS, being easily comparable to any CMS out there that has Enligsh as the main interface language.

Features of HostCMS
- Installation wizard
- Backend administraiton area
- Shop module
- Forum module
- Automatic update system
- SEO support
- Content tagging
- Page templates
- IP-based bans
- Advanced users management features
- Documents manager
- Extendable via modules
- Multi-side support
- Localization support
- Polls
-  Form builder
-  Mailing list
- Backup utility
- Printer friendly pages
- Activity logger

License type: Free
Date added: 1 year, 3 months 21 days ago | Last updated: 1 year, 3 months 21 days ago

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